Timothy Szoke

2024 Digital Campus

Committee Member

I’m Tim, a mature online student studying computer science and a SRC committee member for the digital campus. While I’m still new to Griffith, I’m not new to university; I originally graduated with a degree in psychology in 2016. Since that time, I have come to want a change of direction and perspective after being involved in mental health and disability-related spaces for many years. After COVID restrictions started easing up, I first tried out teaching. I doubt the SRC website has enough space for me to fill up describing my complicated love/hate relationship with teaching, but I ultimately changed to ICT. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to go even more in-depth, which led me to transfer to Griffith and into computer science.
Most of my adult life has been in regional and rural communities, and online study has allowed me to access tertiary education and follow my interests. Studying online has many advantages, with the big ones being accessibility and flexibility. However, there are also some considerable downsides, especially regarding developing personal and professional networks. Unfortunately, these networks play a significant role in wellbeing, academic success, and future work success. I’m focused on allowing online students to have the same opportunities to develop these networks that occur naturally in on-campus settings.
I’m also focused on increasing awareness of and access to supporting services and events for online students. Outside of university, if you know of a stereotypically nerdy hobby or interest, I’m probably into it. I’m a massive fan of all things fantasy and sci-fi. I have a mountain of 40k minis waiting to be built and painted. Some of my favourite games are Halo CE, Diablo 2, Subnautica, Outer Wilds, Dark Souls, Doom 2016, and XCOM EU. Some of my favourite authors are Tolkien, Hobb, Rowling, and Martin. When it comes to relaxing, I don’t find much better than reading an absorbing book or watching an old TNG episode.