The Resume Review Crew are recognised as "An excellent example of a low cost program with big outcomes."

We are pleased to announce that the Resume Review program has won the “Most Successful Volunteer or Development Program” award of distinction at the 2023 Student Experience Network (SEN) awards. This achievement is a result of the hard work and commitment of students, the Griffith Careers and Employment team, and support from the SRC. 

The Student Experience Network Awards is an annual event that recognises the achievements and excellence of all of the student associations around Australia and New Zealand. It is an excellent platform for SEN to showcase outstanding initiatives and accomplishments across various categories in the student services landscape. 

The Most Successful Volunteer or Development Program category acknowledges programs allowing students to develop skills and beneficial relationships outside their degree. The judges awarded the Resume Review Crew program a distinction based on the why, how, who, and evidence of success. The judges remark:

"Griffith University Student Representative Council x Careers & Employment Service Resume Review Crew is an excellent student led initiative which benefits not only the wider student cohort at Griffith University, but also offers a wonderful opportunity for leadership and skill development for the Resume Review Crew team. Not only through initial training, but also through regular feedback and mentoring from the Careers and Employment Team.  The Service is readily available and accessible to students through its location, timing, in person or online offering, diversity of students recruited to the Resume Review Crew, and comprehensive communication and marketing.  Great outcomes have been achieved in the initial year, and we look forward to seeing how the program grows in future years, in particular through the expansion of the program to other campuses.  An excellent example of a low cost program with big outcomes. 

In 2023, the Resume Review Crew helped 1,239 Griffith University students with resumes, exceeding the total number of resumes reviewed in 2022 by August 2023. The program trains 6-10 students to help other students write resumes for internships, casual jobs, part-time jobs, full-time jobs, and graduate positions. This program offers regular, accessible and high-quality support to students for resume writing and job application advice.

This program aims to:

1.Develop the skills of the Resume Review Crew through training from the Griffith University Careers & Employment team.

2.Develop the skills of the Griffith University student community through detailed feedback on their resumes and referrals to experts in the Careers & Employment staff team.

3.Lower barriers to accessing resume support at Griffith University by locating the Resume Review Crew in the heart of the campus and having this as a drop-in service and online.

Overall, The Resume Review Crew plays an essential role in fostering a culture of career development and success on campus. Its peer-to-peer approach, combined with its emphasis on quality and accessibility, makes it a valuable resource for students. 

The program is offered both as an in-person and online service. The Resume Review Crew has a stall on the Griffith Nathan Campus twice weekly from 11 am to 2 pm to capture students through the busiest part of the day.