All members of the Griffith University community have a right to feel welcome and safe.

It’s everyone’s responsibility at Griffith to ensure equity and inclusion are part of our daily work and study environment.


You are probably aware that Griffith offers a range of programs and resources, such as Safe Campuses to promote campus communities that are free from harassment, bullying, discrimination or other behaviours that impact negatively on others. But, did you know that you also have access to security and escort services to help you get home safe?


Campus support team – Security offices and security escorts

A campus support team is available to escort students on foot across campus during the trimester and exam times. You can reach the security team by dialling the numbers below or using the red phones found around every campus.

  • Logan (L03 2.10) – (07) 3382 1717
  • Mt Gravatt (M13 1.02) – (07) 3735 6866
  • Nathan Campus (N13 1.06) – (07) 3735 7777
  • QCA (S05 2.02) – (07) 3735 6226
  • QCGU (S01 2.38) – (07) 3735 6363


PLUS, the Nathan Campus offers a night bus service:

  • This service begins at 6 pm and operates every half-hour until 1 am.
  • The service departs from the main pick-up point which is located at the Circuit.
  • This service runs to the QSAC Stadium, the Research Park and then back to the Nathan Campus.


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