The SRC, in collaboration with students, have developed potential points of concern for students regarding the proposed changes outlined in the Roadmap to Sustainability (R2S), and a template students may wish to use when drafting their feedback about these changes.  Please note that the proposed changes outlined do not encompass all of the proposed changes within the Roadmap to Sustainability, and are not considered, and are not considered anymore, or any less, important than other proposed changes outlined in the Roadmap to Sustainability.


Many of the proposed changes will likely affect the Griffith student cohort as a whole, regardless of whether there are occurring outside a student’s program, school, or group.  The SRC want to support students to contribute their feedback to the proposed changes and have their concerns heard.  Click here to see the SRC – Summary of Key Points For Concern in R2S


We encourage all students to view a list of the proposed changes here Griffith University Roadmap to Sustainability


Example responses have been provided that students may wish to build upon or consider when drafting their responses to the proposed changes.  Please note the example responses should not be considered as conclusive impacts for students, but serve as example concerns that students have raised with the SRC.  Click here to see the Student Response Template.


It is recommended that when sending your responses to the proposed changes, to CC into your responses.  That way the SRC may provide guidance and assistance if necessary.