SRC major projects and upgrades

We’re always on your side, putting your needs first to create a more welcoming, friendly university life. We have your back when you need it and are a loud voice for all your uni concerns. We are constantly striving to make beneficial changes in response to the needs of students.

That, of course, includes improved and updated study areas or places to find a bit of quiet while you are on campus.

Over the years, the SRC has upgraded and updated a couple of outstanding projects. Including, but not limited to:

  • Mt Gravatt Student Lounge
  • QCA common room upgrade and student mural
  • Nathan campus Goanna Lounge upgrade
  • Mt. Gravatt library study basement upgrade

Mt Gravatt Student Lounge

At the Mt Gravatt Campus, students previously had access to a student lounge in the M08 building. The lounge was a place where students could cook meals, relax, study alone or with friends, and meet other students. It was such a popular area on campus that it was used by students every day.   

Since the beginning of 2023, the University has slowly been closing buildings down due to the decommissioning of the campus in 2026. As a result of the M08 building closing, students could no longer use the lounge there.  As the Mt Gravatt campus is still open for another 3 years, creating another place for students on campus was vital. Thus, the new student lounge was commissioned by the SRC in 2022.

The new space is located in M09, right next to the SRC office. The new space has air conditioning, and it is located right next to the library, with a new kitchenette, vending machines, computers and more comfortable seating.   

The key elements of this space include:   

  • A new, bigger space where more students can utilise the space for various study activities either independently or in a group comfortably.
  • Closer proximity to Campus Support/Library and the SRC office increases student safety.  
  • A safe space to utilise facilities such as a student kitchenette with microwaves, vending machines and computers.  

QCA Common Room Upgrade & Student Mural

At the start of 2021, the SRC QCA Committee noted that leftover funds from 2020, would be best spent on improvements to the QCA SRC Common Room. With this in mind, they conducted a short survey in response to student leaders and student association manager(s) requesting pertinent information about its use and rationale for overall improvement.

A survey was created and shared via student networks and Griffith’s broadcast email system to target its Southbank cohort as the main users for feedback and input. 223 valid survey responses were collected from 9-26 March 2021. 

The majority (87%) of responses were given by undergraduates and the remainder from Postgraduate students (12%). 

Several respondents made note of the fact that there is not enough space available to sit and that the chairs are uncomfortable. The tables that are there are too high for the chairs so difficult to work on laptops or in workbooks.

The new and improved QCA common area was completed with better ventilation, working microwaves, power points and seating conducive to study and socialising at the start of 2022.

Goanna Lounge Upgrade

In 2019 the Nathan campus SRC committee, through a feedback forum, identified the Goanna Lounge as an area on campus in need of refurbishment. Upon review, it was realised that the Goanna Lounge was last refurbished in 1990.  

An assessment of this space was conducted and it was determined to be well used by students while not in class and a perfect candidate to be renovated so it can be used by future students for years to come. The 2019 SRC committee contacted the Griffith Interior Design School on our QCA Campus and got in touch with Dr. Petra Perolini.

Dr. Petra Perolini happened to be the one to originally designing the space in 1990, and she incorporated the new Goanna Lounge redesign into the final project for 3rd year interior design students studying in Trimester 2, 2019.  

We hope students recognise that this was a student driven project from start to finish. Initial idea came from the SRC (via the Feedback Survey), it funded by the Student Services and Amenities Fee and it was designed by QCA Interior Design students.  

We hope that this space is used by students for another 30 years to come.  

Before upgrade

After upgrade

Mt Gravatt Library Basement Upgrade

Griffith University’s Student Representative Council have joined the Library and Learning Services department in announcing a refurbishment for the Mount Gravatt campus.

The costs were split down the middle between the two organisations to support students after the library’s basement was identified as a heavily used space by students.

Mount Gravatt SRC President, James Mackie, said he “…was excited for the much-needed change to the “dungeon” at the MG campus. 

“I think [the refurbishment] will create a more positive atmosphere and more people will want to study down there if it is tidier and cleaner.

In a survey conducted by the SRC in early 2014, students identified that the campus lacked study spaces. Of the students who were surveyed, 50% of students agreed that the basement is the most in need of a refurbishment.

The idea was brought forward in semester one, 2014, and the works were finished by the end of semester two 2014.

Before Update

After Update