G’day I’m Cal I’ve been the Indigenous Officer for several months now in the Griffith Student Representative Council. We know that this past year has been a tough one for many students and staff in light of the pandemic. That’s why we are putting together plans to offer more support options open to all students still struggling 2021.
I know that Indigenous students have been particularly hit hard by the pandemic. The GUMURRII unit is open to all students again. They are offering Go and Grab stations for students needing supplies for upcoming exams. We are also still going ahead with an event in Reconciliation Week.
For Reconciliation Week this year the GUMURRII student support unit will be hosting a FREE lunch for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students N06, -1.31 in the GUMURRII unit on the Nathan campus at 12 – 1pm on Wednesday 2nd June.
Please come along and enjoy a good yarn with us.