It’s official! The SRC now has a new Constitution! 


As 2020 draws to an end, the SRC will transition to welcome a Digital Campus committee on the board in Trimester 1, 2021. With all the changes and challenges COVID-19 brought to the table, the SRC board made the decision to change the SRC constitution to include the Digital Campus Committee so that online students can be represented on the SRC board from 2021 and into the future.

The process for changing the constitution had several steps. Firstly, the board moved a special resolution at their September board meeting to adopt the changes, followed by a referendum from November 2nd – 6th to allow students to vote on the proposed changes. 90.3% of the votes received were in favour of these changes.

The last step was for the new constitution to be approved by the University Council. This week, we were advised by the Office of the Vice President (Corporate Services) that at its December meeting the University Council decided as below:

On the recommendation of the Griffith University Student Representative Council (SRC), Council resolved to approve the revised Student Representative Council constitution (2020/0000070) with immediate effect.

The next step will be for the SRC to determine dates for Trimester 1, 2021 so that nominations can open for the Digital Campus Committee (1 x President & 2 x Committee Members).

To view the new SRC Constitution, please click here, or see an overview of the changes here.