Night Against Procrastination (NAP)

The Urban Dictionary, the world’s most reliable* dictionary, defines procrastination as 

1) the act of putting things off for ‘later’

2) the act that 97.466% of all people are committing this very second

3) i’ll tell you later…

4) ………

… Huh… sorry, back on track… 

It’s time to combat your procrastination struggles

Night Against Procrastination (NAP) is the one-stop shop to help you combat your procrastination struggles. At NAP, you can connect with various support staff and get free study materials and food. Come along to fight against procrastination! 

  • Do you need some help with your research, referencing, and writing? Our excellent GUPSA Editors will be there to answer your questions. Yep, even if you’re an undergrad student! 
  • Finding your life outside of university is making it hard to study? Have a chat with our wonderful WALi Student Leaders, who will be there to listen and share their knowledge of all the different services available at Griffith University and in the community.  
  • Confused about academic integrity? Wondering if you should consider applying for special consideration? Check-in with our amazing Advocacy Officers who can help you understand all the curly questions you might have about University policies and procedures.  
  • Is the stress getting too much and causing tension in your neck and shoulders? Grab a free massage and take a moment to unwind. 

Event itinerary (for people who like to plan): 

  • Where: Nathan Campus Clubs Lounge (N11_0.06) 
  • When: Wednesday 22 May, 4.00 pm – 7.00 pm 
  • Cost: FREE, including snacks and goodies all night, and free dinner at 6:30 pm.  

Please note: You must arrive before 4:30 pm to be eligible for the freebies throughout the night, including dinner. Students who arrive after 4:30 pm are more than welcome to attend but will not be able to get the freebies. 

Need we say more? Get your study on track and register below.

*This is, of course, sarcasm. The SRC and GUPSA do not recommend citing Urban Dictionary as a source in any of your assignments.