Lachlan Comfort

2022 SRC Logan committee member

Hello, my name is Lachlan Comfort. I am in my final year of my Bachelor of Nursing degree, and I am currently a committee member for logan SRC. I have really enjoyed been a voice for students. Something I value has been able to help whenever possible. That is probably one of the things that pushed me towards wanting to study nursing as I enjoy helping and looking after people.
Whenever possible I inform students about how we as the SRC can help to relieve the stresses of Uni life. Whether that be though tutors and online assessment checker tools to events to give people a break from their studies. I have found that balance is key to Uni life. Study hard but also fit time for activities that make you happy and give you time to relax. Do not overwork yourself. That’s my little bit of advice which has helped me to success.
Outside of Uni life I am either listening or playing music mostly. Music is one of my hidden talents. I play trumpet and piano and am in a few bands. I also love to sing. I like to think I am an ok singer, but I will let you be the judge of that. I just find music so relaxing. I also like to cook. Music plus cooking equals happiness in my books. I find it to also be a great escape from the stresses of Uni life and life in general.