The Student Representative Council has committed a second round of funding to further assist undergraduate students experiencing financial hardship caused by COVID19. The first round of SRC Grocery Vouchers provided a limited number of bursaries of $50 per applicant to assist with these expenses. In this second round the SRC is increasing the bursary from $50 to $100 and allowing students who previously applied for the first round another opportunity to apply if they are still experiencing financial hardship due to COVID19.

The second round of the SRC Grocery Voucher Bursary will provide a limited number of bursaries of $100 per applicant (choice of a Coles or Woolworths voucher).

Assistance criteria

The SRC offers this assistance to students on the following basis:

  • No guarantee of the availability of bursaries in any particular trimester
  • This is once-off support only; no on-going support should be expected through this scheme. Meaning you may only apply for one (1) bursary of $100 in round 2.
  • If you applied for and received a $50 Bursary through this scheme in round 1, you are eligible to apply for another bursary in round 2. You will need to complete a new application with your updated financial information.

For information on eligibility and to apply, please visit the Grocery Voucher Bursary page.

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