Workshop 1: Introduction To Financial Confidence

SRC Advocacy have partnered with Emma from The Broke Generation to deliver a series of Financial Wellbeing Workshops focused on increasing students’ financial literacy and their confidence to implement saving strategies over the short and long term. The first online workshop, held on Tuesday 18 May, focused on introducing the concept of financial wellbeing and covered important topics such as money mindset and financial personality, basic budgeting, handy savings strategies, and how to conduct a money review each month. 

These workshops, as well as additional financial resources such as Emma’s 90 Day Cash Flow Planner, can also be accessed on Wellness HQ via Blackboard

Workshop 2: Financial Literacy Foundations

Emma’s second workshop in our Financial Wellbeing Series focuses on building students’ financial literacy by starting with the basics. This workshop, held on Tuesday 27th July, covered important points such as what it means to live below your means while building your savings, debt management, tax basics, interest rates, bank accounts, credit cards and everyday budgeting. 

We would also encourage you to check out The Broke Generation website for more information about how you can increase your financial literacy through handy money saving tips and tricks!

Workshop 3: Budgeting and Spending 101

For the third workshop in our Financial Wellbeing Series held on Tuesday 3 August, Emma from The Broke Generation ran through all the things you need to know to set up your own budget and effectively implement your savings strategies. This workshop focused on understanding your spending personality and how this influences your spending behaviours, unlearning unhelpful financial thought patterns, setting up savings accounts and emergency funds, and how to set up and implement your own budget. 

Emma’s 90 Day Cash Flow Plan (available on Wellness HQ) is a great resource to help you understand how you are spending your money and to set up your own budget. Make sure to register for our fourth financial workshop, Long-Term Financial Confidence, running on the Tuesday 17 August at 1pm!

Check out the @griffithsrc and @waliwellnesshq Instagram pages for more details!