Emily Parker

Emily Parker - QCA President

2024 SRC president of the Queensland College of Art (QCA) Southbank Campus

Hi, my name is Emily Parker. I am the president of the Queensland College of Art (QCA) Southbank Campus, completing a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Bachelor of Business.
I aim to connect with as many students as possible within my role as SRC president and contribute to the positive and inclusive community that exists at QCA. Being a voice for students and building connections across disciplines is also something that I am to do.
I think it’s important for people to feel like they have a sense of place and community around them to talk to and share ideas. I also believe that we learn most from those different to us, so embracing diversity and alternate perspectives and experiences is also essential. One thing I’m most proud of during my time on the SRC is the refurbishment of the SRC common room at QCA. It needed a little TLC after the 2020 lockdowns and is now a space that students enjoy spending time in. We even had a QCA student collaboration with Liveworm to create the mural within the room. I really enjoy being part of projects like this from start to finish and the impact my type of role can have on the student experience while at QCA.
I work in arts management but have a deep desire for learning, so university is what fills most of my spare time, with most of it making artwork! I also enjoy going to gallery events, having coffee with friends and spending time with my family. I’m also inclined to book last-minute trips overseas, with Copenhagen being my favourite place to travel to. The Scandinavian vibe, amazing pastries and coffee, what more do you need!