Self care is so important because it gives your body and mind time to rest, reset and rejuvenate! As much as we can get swept up in the pressures of being an adult, it’s important to take time out to look after yourself. Even more important is knowing what self care strategies work for YOU. For that reason, I took a few minutes out of my day to think of as many self care strategies I could think of that I responded to well personally.

Watch my A to Z of Self-Care Strategies

Take some time out of your day to have a think about your own self care strategies; and even better, use some of them today.

On that note, it’s good to know that students of Griffith University have available to them a wide range of support services.

More information is available here:…/wellness-centre

SRC Annual Elections

The election for the positions of the two (2) Committee Members on the Student Representative Council (SRC) Campus Committee will be conducted by electronic means from 9.00am, Monday 21 September 2020. Voting will close at 5.00pm, Friday 25 September 2020.

If you wish to vote in these elections, you should record your vote electronically at the Student Election website below:

Connect, Share, Grow

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Find a Tutor

  • Browse the Vygo app to find a tutor who can assist you in your studies… Focus-in to deepen your understanding of tricky topics
  • Making connections
  • Feel more confident and nail your coursework

Become a Tutor

  • Share your academic knowledge and educational experience with fellow students… Build soft skills that could boost your career trajectory
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  • Create meaningful connections and build a learning community

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Griffith Mentor Study Support is available to currently enrolled Griffith students undertaking any undergraduate or postgraduate (coursework or masters only) program, across any discipline, see details below when mentors are available.

Trimester 2 schedule

  • Weeks 3 – 11 (Monday 27 July – Friday 2 October)
  • Dates: Monday – Friday
  • Times: 8am – 9:00pm

We can help with:

  • Basic proofreading and editing
  • Assistance with referencing
  • Laying out and planning your assignment
  • Basic researching techniques
  • General instruction on course and University assignment guidelines
  • General university tips and support

To talk to a Griffith Mentor on Blackboard Collaborate – Click Here

To send the Griffith Mentors a message or send them your work via Facebook Messenger – Click Here

Griffith Mentor Study Support